it's about the journey...

Hello musical friends and family. For those who don't know much about me, here's a bit of the back story. 


TL;DR version...  I grew up singing, stopped singing for a while, now I am back singing because it makes me feel good...


The long version...


My amazing family life was filled with music, from mom and dad singing, my 8 sisters , and my brother Jon singing (a lot). I loved singing but allowed my fear to get in the way and so I stayed mostly in the background choosing to run the sound system. I felt safe behind the mixer. I also played the drums ( a theraputic outlet for anger and frustration) which I am eternally grateful that my family was tolerant of. 


In my 20's I enlisted in the United States Air Force and continued to meddle around with music and recording but mostly fixed aircraft and then taught avionics for quite a few years. 


After my final enlistment I attended MediaTech Institute, Dallas Sound Lab campus, for the Recording Arts program and then continued on with a masters certificate at Berklee College of Music online Recording Production and Technology program. 


I sang in the church choir and even auditioned for the Vocal Majority and was accepted to practice and rehearse with them (this is a trial period in which the repertoire and choreography is learned before being able to perform on the 'risers').


At that point I had back-to-back years of pneumonia and chronic respiratory infections that made my lungs feel as if I was drowning and seemed like no oxygen was getting to my body. I almost completely stopped singing except for a few invitations from church and family. 4 years later and I am finally able to breathe enough to sing.


Now I am in the church choir again along with an awesome musician Justin Cash and feeling more confident to maybe, possibly, hopefully, record some songs.